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Free Coding Course: Intro to JavaScript

Continue your Coding Journey with Lambda School

Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript, one of the most widely used programming languages!

(Note: Lambda School will be sunsetting this course on August 30, 2021.  Our Web Development Pre-coursework for all future learners will be offered through Codecademy.

What's included?

  • 1 Course Overview module
  • 7 JavaScript Modules 
  • Required Checks for Understanding 
  • 1 Personal Website Project

Level Up Your Skills

This course introduces you to JavaScript, a widely-used programming language.  Much of what Lambda School teaches in Web Dev Unit 1 requires mastery of these JavaScript foundations.  In this course, you'll learn concepts and code along with an instructor to  build and launch a website!

Guided video lectures

Our course authors have taught thousands of people how to code. Join our video lectures and start your own coding journey.

Course Lessons